Nutrient Analyzer




  • Measure all six ions in a sample in less than 60 seconds
  • Calibration of all six sensors in less than 60 seconds
  • Quality of calibration is displayed
  • Date, time and co-ordinates are recorded
  • Add comments or notes to each result
  • Now includes phosphate!

Also available is the latest Auto-Analyzer!



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  • Safe for use in any hydroponic growing system
  • Its powerful oxidative properties at a neutral pH provides distinct reactions with water, and oxidizes harmful scale and organic matter
  • Dissolves mineral buildups, reducing the risk of nutrient lockout and maintaining a clean and clear nutrient solution


Grow A/B

CleanGrow’s nutrients are ideal for all hydroponics and soil medias. We use top quality solution grade salts to achieve full solubility.

Bloom A/B

Specifically geared for intense harvest production, Bloom A/B has the right ratio of micronutrients to push your plants to their highest potential during the flowering stage of growth.

What Customers are saying?

I would recommend Fertmax to any aspiring or veteran gardener. It will definitely help you with your green thumb.

Enrique T. Milan

What Customers are saying?

CleanGrow's nutrients work well both in my DWC systems and my flood tables using coco and smart pots. I espectially like how clean they are, they do not stain the roots.

Cam L.

What Customers are saying?

If you want to make your life easier, I highly recommend being proactive in the fight against hydroponic issues, and not reactive. This is a great product to start with.

Tad A.

What Customers are saying?

We use Watermax in the greenhouses at UC Davis to reduce scale. It reduces a lot of maintenance when used regularly.

Danny K.

What Customers are saying?

If you need something fast and accurate, I think the CleanGrow Nutrient Analyzer is the best option on the market.

David G., Driscoll's


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