Fertmax Bloom A

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The Fertmax Bloom Series was designed to be used during the flowering stage of growth for virtually any fruit or flower-producing plant. We use top of the line chelated micronutrients to achieve greater nutrient uptake ability across a wider pH range in any combination of grow method and media. This 2-part liquid formula should be used in equal amounts to stimulate the rapid onset of fruit or flower production, increase flowering sites, and promote high-quality yields.


CleanGrow’s original line, Fertmax, has been growing plants all around the world since 2014. Best known for its performance in recirculating hydroponics, including deep water culture and vertical farming, Fertmax has also been known to grow trees outdoors, in greenhouses and in a wide variety of different grow media. It’s broad spectrum of chelated micronutrients is one of the key elements to its exceptional performance. When used as directed, all of the ingredients are fully available and soluble to the plant right out of the bottle. No enzymes or microorganisms are needed while growing with Fertmax. Fertmax has been approved and registered with the CDFA since 2014, and remains in compliance with all standards of the AAPFCO. Whether you are a beginner looking for something easy to follow, or advanced and looking to boost yields, Fertmax is adaptable and effective for many different kinds of growers. This line runs very clean, and when used in conjunction with Watermax, your equipment and roots will be noticeably clean and optimal. While this product is not organic, there are some organic ingredients that would classify this line as a hybrid growing technique. When used as directed, this plant nutrient is considered safe for use on consumable crops, as all of the parts have passed a heavy metals analysis and standards set forth by the department of agriculture.